George and Grace Hoag started out modestly in 1896, spending their first year of marriage running the Golden Rule General Store together in Wyoming.  


Their old fashioned brand of hard work soon paid off. As the store became part of the thriving J.C. Penney chain, Mr. Hoag began opening stores across Utah, and later became Vice President of J.C. Penney in New York.  Mr. and Mrs. Hoag grew quite wealthy from their J.C. Penney stock and then they set about giving much of it back to people by donating millions to scores of charities over the years.


In 1940, the Hoags established the Hoag Family Foundation with their son, George Hoag II.  Later that decade, the Foundation become one of the founding benefactors of Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California. This marked one of the rare occasions that the family didn't make their grant anonymously. The reason for that was because Mrs. Hoag wanted to build a memorial to her husband after he passed away in 1948. The new hospital, overlooking the city he loved and resided in during his later years, seemed a perfect fit.   


As head of the Hoag Family Foundation, Mrs. Hoag ultimately  decided to make the grant needed to get the Hospital project off the ground. In addition, she also funded the construction and furnishing of a nurses' quarters on the Hoag campus so that the staff could have an affordable place to live. 


Mrs. Hoag was a very active board member at the hospital, along with her son, George Hoag II. They both took an active interest in what was happening in the community and the hospital. Mrs. Hoag played a vital role at the hospital until she died in 1970 at the age of 100.